Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires can happen at any time, and that’s why Ikon Builder’s team of Fire Damage specialists is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is prepared to handle any size of fire disaster and has the skills needed to safely and effectively restore your home or property to pre-loss condition.

Fires can leave your property uninhabitable and unsafe to even walk through. Smoke and soot linger longer after a fire has been put out and can continue to damage areas of your home or business that you would not imagine. The longer soot and smoke linger after a fire, the larger the problem becomes and the costlier to repair. It is important to seek professional cleanup and restoration immediately after a fire to get the most out of the remediation process. Ikon’s team of professionals are certified and insured to safely cleanup and restore both commercial and residential properties the right way!

Why Hire Professionals

Professionals are not hired to simply take care of an inconvenient job for you. Our professionals are here to make sure that your family and your property is safe and protected from further damage. Our team has the equipment and expertise to make sure your entire home is cleaned, restored, and put back together after a fire.

We also have an amazing contents restoration team that can determine which of your belongings are salvageable and which are not. If items are salvageable, our team will safely pack them up, clean, restore, and return them to you. There are often many items that home and business owners believe to be beyond repair that our team has been able to successfully restore to pre-damaged condition.

Successful Fire Damage Restoration

Because we understand the dangers and effects of all aspects of a fire, we understand how chemicals can work together and against each other when trying to restore different types of materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, marble and glass. Property owners can avoid additional expenses by relying on the professionals at Ikon Builders to restore their property safely, the first time.

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